About Us

For 106 years the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce has demonstrated its commitment to providing an optimum business environment for its members. Currently, more than 1800 members work together on one of the Chamber’s 27 committees/task forces or in other ways to enhance our quality of life and to promote progress. As Monroe County continues to grow each year, so does the scope of the Chamber’s work.

Originally known as the Stroudsburg Industrial Club, the Chamber received its charter on June 25, 1910 from the State of Pennsylvania. Even then, it held the industrial and mercantile interests of the region at heart. As noted in its charter, the corporation was formed “for the purpose of establishing a body with authority to deal with matters of interest to the general public of the Borough of Stroudsburg by promoting prosperity of the mercantile and the manufacturing enterprises of the community.”

As Stroudsburg grew from a borough to a prosperous town, the Industrial Club changed its name to reflect the expanding scope and purpose of its organization. On December 15, 1919, it became officially known as the Stroudsburg Chamber of Commerce. That name changed twice again during the 20th Century as the region expanded and, with it, the Chamber’s duties. In 1932, it became the Monroe County Chamber of Commerce. And then on April 2, 1948, it became the Pocono Mountains Chamber of Commerce.   

Today we are the Greater Pocono Chamber of Commerce, "The Voice of Business since 1910".  As the times have changed, so have we.  Today we offer our membership a wide variety of networking opportunities, interactive workshops and seminars plus discounted marketing and advertising.  One on one business counseling is available for start up businesses, those expanding as well as those relocating to the area.
We face relevant business issues each day and support sustainable economic growth consistent with the best interest of the community.  We welcome both small and large businesses to join us make our region prosper.

For more information contact: Patricia Metzgar at
pmetzgar@greaterpoconochamber.com or call 570-421-4433